The Bugatti Chiron Noire pays tribute to one of four Type 57 CS Atlantics created by Jean Bugatti that went missing at the beginning of World War II. The brand claims that if this particular car were to be discovered, it would likely become the most valuable car in the world.

The colour scheme of this special Chiron can be applied to two trims; Sportive and Élégance. On the latter, carbon-fibre covers the enitre body. The redesigned grille gains a solid silver and black enamel badge.

The special Chiron model gains a set of Caractère wheels, while the C-shaped Bugatti signature line is cast from solid metal with a polished aluminium finish. Other details include a carbon-shelled rear-view mirror and engine cover and a “Noire” inscription on the side panels and beneath the wing.

Inside, the cabin shows a dark colour scheme with traces of silk matte finished aluminium. “Noire” inscriptions can be found on the door sills, centre console, headrests and centre console.

Sportive spec gains the exposed carbon panels with a matte black finish but details such as the C-shaped line, wheels, front spoiler and grille are painted in matte black, as are the titanium tailpipes and engine cover.

This car's interior also gets a darker theme. Trim bits such as switches, push-buttons and rotary knobs on the dashboard, the steering wheel, centre console and door handles are all finished in matte black.


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