If you are in the market for a classic Ford Bronco but with a scaled down and modernised touch then your request has just been fulfilled thanks to the coach workers of DAMD. The Japanese firm has put together a retro look for the micro off-roader which will be on display at the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon alongside a build that pays tribute to the first generation Jimny.
Dubbed the Dronco, this build subtly changes the design by giving the Jimny a two-tone blue and white body paint. Design cues on the front include a Bronco-inspired grille and front bumper while the rear sports four LED taillamps, a short ladder and a spare wheel mounted to the boot. The classic look is finished off with a set of white steel wheels.
Next to the Dronco will sit the Jimny the Roots build which pays homage to the LJ10 Jimny. Much like the Dronco, this adopts a yellow and white two-tone colour scheme inspired by the original model and black steel wheels. The rear design adopts the same cues as the Dronco sans the ladder.
For kei van lovers there are also two retro builds called the Denali and Malibu; both of which are based on the Honda N-Van.


Original article from Car