Remember those shadowy images of Haval’s new SUV we recently published? Well, the Chinese brand has now released full pictures of the newcomer’s exterior.

Thing is, Haval has yet to announce the new SUV’s name, with the model pictured above doing without a badge on its rump. As we pointed out earlier, the new SUV is expected to start a fresh model series, thus not adopting the “H” prefix.

There is a chance it will be called “B06” (the internal codename the brand has been using, according to Chinese reports); indeed, we spotted that moniker numerous times in the source code of a dedicated Haval website for the new model.

As we suspected after seeing the teaser images, the new SUV features an interesting mix of retro and modern design cues. Up front, there are circular headlamps, a large grille and a skid plate, while a look at the profile reveals squared-off wheel arches, decent ground clearance and usefully short overhangs.

Round back, the newcomer features distinctive LED taillamps and a protruding bumper. A set of roof rails is also present.

Reports out of Haval’s domestic market claim the new model rides on the brand’s latest platform. From what we understand, it was penned by former Land Rover designer Phil Simmons.

Original article from Car