Mercedes-Benz has confirmed its AMG division has been tasked with developing the next-generation “SL Roadster”.

The Stuttgart-based firm released a batch of images showing camouflaged prototypes undergoing testing. From what we can tell, the newly christened SL Roadster will be offered in soft-top convertible form rather than folding hard-top guise (the R231-generation SL, of course, employed the latter configuration).

In a short statement accompanying the images, Benz promised the “next generation of the legendary SL Roadster is going back to its roots, which lay in motorsport back in 1952”.

“Mercedes-AMG, as the performance and sportscar brand of Mercedes-Benz, has fittingly taken on the task of overall vehicle development for the reinterpretation of the legendary roadster,” the company said.

Now, following what Mercedes describes as “extensive digital development steps, test stand runs and simulator trials”, the new SL has entered a “scheduled phase of wide-ranging dynamic driving tests”.

Original article from Car