Yes, it’s official. Nissan has released a teaser video giving us our first glimpse of the upcoming replacement for the 370Z sportscar.

The Japanese firm played the short video (also added to YouTube and embedded below) after presenting its latest financial results and outlining its four-year, costing-cutting “transformation plan” .

While Nissan announced it would slash both its production capacity and global product range (by around 20 percent each), it wasn’t all doom and gloom. The company also promised to focus on “global core model segments”, including sportscars, and introduce “12 models in the next 18 months”.

One of those seems likely to be the replacement for the ageing 370Z, which earlier reports suggested would be called the 400Z. That rumour from April 2020 claimed the 400Z would be revealed “within the next 12 months”, positioned as a rival to the Toyota GR Supra and using a twin-turbo V6.

In the clip below, Nissan runs through its line-up, from “A” (that’d be the upcoming electric Ariya) to “Z” (the very topic of this story) ... although the GT-R is conspicuous by its absence.

Watch the video below to see the new Z car in action…

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