If there’s something the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT probably didn't need, it’s more power. Regardless, US-based owner and Instagrammer Zaimiam has upped the power on his SRT8 to a whopping 883 kW. That’s quite a bit higher than the SUV’s standard output of 354 kW.

In order to achieve that hypercar-rivalling output, the Jeep’s 6,4-litre supercharged V8 has undergone some extensive modifications. These include reinforcing the internal components, adding a new fuel-pump system and upgrading the supercharger, injectors and cylinder head, as well as installing a set of Demon rotors.

To handle this extra power, the build furthermore includes a set of upgraded front brake callipers, front and rear driveshafts, transmission, dampers and tyres. To add some stance, the vehicle has been handed an air suspension system that complements the Ferrada Deep Concave Series FR4 forged alloy wheels with widened wheel arches.

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