Lexus has announced an updated version of the LC500, having put its flagship coupé on a diet and rolled out a number of under-the-skin enhancements.

Toyota’s luxury division says the LC coupé has received “key refinements” to “further cement the connection between driver and machine”.

The company claims nearly 10 kg of unsprung weight has been shed, achieved thanks to the adoption of aluminium lower suspension arms, lighter suspension stabilisers (with a hollow design and revised diameter), new high-strength coil spring material and lighter 21-inch wheels at the rear axle.

In addition, the suspension system has been updated to ostensibly deliver a “smoother, softer stroke for enhanced connection to the road and overall feel for the driver”. The electronic absorber controls of the front suspension were adjusted to increase the length of the stroke, while bound stopper rigidity was “optimised” for a smoother stroke overall. Furthermore, the rigidity of the rear stabilisers was increased to “enhance front turn-in ability”.

The coupé’s vehicle stability control system, meanwhile, has gained an active cornering assist function that Lexus says helps provide “brake control to the inner wheels in accordance with lateral acceleration when G-force demands are greater during spirited driving”.

What else? Well, the ten-speed automatic transmission’s software has been updated to “accentuate the feeling of acceleration” between shifts, while the infotainment system is now compatible with Android Auto (in addition to the already available Apple CarPlay).

The naturally aspirated 5,0-litre V8 is unchanged, still delivering 351 kW and 540 N.m to the rear wheels.

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