A new tuner by the name of Marius Designhaus is putting its hand in the aftermarket scene with the reveal of this rather extreme MD1 Lamborghini Urus package. The custom job provides an almost complete redesign of the exterior.

Creating this dramatic look on the Urus is a front bumper and lip, new bonnet, custom covers for the door mirrors, front fenders with side air vents, flared wheel arches joint together by a side skirt and a completely new rear bumper and diffuser with a cover for the back air outtakes. Also at the rear sits two prominent spoilers; one mounted on the tailgate and another on the roof.

All parts of the MD1 kit make use of ultra-light carbon fibre. Some panels boast a Nomex honeycomb core for added strength and stainless steel AISI316 inserts for improved durability. Titanium grade five screws used to fix the panels in place. The bumpers are manufactured with a mix of carbon fibre and Zylon (an upgraded Kevlar composite), to withstand stronger shocks.

Original article from Car