The Mercedes-AMG G63 has been been upgraded by Performmaster, with its peak outputs hiked to supercar levels thanks to a raft of upgrades to the powertrain.

Using Affalterbach's twin-turbo 4,0-litre V8 as a base, Performmaster fitted an engine tuning module and upgraded turbochargers with a larger compressor unit and reinforced axial bearings. With these upgrades, the G63's standard peak outputs of 430 kW and 850 N.m of torque have been increased to 592 kW and a whopping 1 020 N.m.

As a result, the 2,5-tonne SUV is able to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in a claimed 4,5 seconds. By means of a Vmax delimiter programme, the German tuner also increased the apex G-Wagen's top speed from 220 km/h to 260 km/h.

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