Concerns around Volkswagen's promise the standard Golf GTI TCR offers a complete hot hatch performance package? German tuners MTM have you covered.
How does 353 kW and 610 N.m of torque compared with the standard car's 213 kW and 380 N.m sound? These results have been achieved by way of an upgraded ECU, a larger turbocharger by MTM, a high-performance fuel pump, reinforced intake system and a comprehensive stainless-steel exhaust system. Adjustments to these modifications allow for incremental upgrades to 258 kW, 280 kW and 319 kW, respectively.

MTM also offers a chassis upgrade in the form of an adjustable front-and-rear spring kit working in conjunction with the car's electronic damping control. It also sits on a set of bespoke (18- or 19-inch) MTM bimoto alloy wheels.


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