Bentley Motors has unveiled its new EXP 100 GT concept to celebrate the British brand’s 100th birthday, describing the show car as a “vision of the future of luxury mobility”.

The Crewe-based firm says the EXP 100 GT concept will “enhance the owner’s Grand Touring experience, whether driving or being driven autonomously”. It boasts artificial intelligence in the form of the Bentley Personal Assistant.

Running on an all-electric platform, the concept is effectively what Bentley believes its grand tourer could look like in 2035. The battery system powers four motors that offer a 0-100 km/h time of “less than 2,5 seconds”, a top speed of 300 km/h and a monstrous maximum torque figure of 1 500 N.m.

Bentley says future battery technology will offer five times the conventional energy density, so charging the EXP 100 GT to 80 percent will take a mere 15 minutes. Vehicle weight comes in at 1 900 kg and the car's claimed range is a theoretical 700 km.

The body (which is complemented by “decorative features” crafted from copper and aluminium) is fashioned from aluminium and carbon-fibre, measuring 5,8 metres long and almost 2,4 metres wide. The driver and passenger doors are 2,0 metres wide and pivot outwards and upwards. Fully open, they rise to almost three metres.

Interestingly, Bentley says various unusual (yet largely sustainable) materials have been used, including 5 000-year-old copper-infused riverwood, exterior paint made from recycled rice husks, an organic leather-like textile from wine making and British-farmed wool carpets.

All sorts of futuristic elements have been imagined, from active-aero wheels that adjust to deliver efficiency or maximum performance feel to intelligent Pirelli tyres that adapt their contact patches based on weather conditions or driver demand.

Original article from Car