The new IMk concept introduces Nissan's future design philosophy around its small-sized MPV offerings. The concept promotes the idea of both sustainability and autonomy by focusing on comfort and connectivity within the cabin.

Dubbed "Timeless Japanese Futurism", the IMk's shape and Akagane paint scheme pay tribute to Japan's copper artisans. The brand’s signature V-motion grille gains a more futuristic look, while the rear adopts a combination taillamp cluster.

The interior is both simple and futuristic. Nissan’s inspiration for this design is the layout of a relaxed café or lounge. A bench-style front seat accentuates this feeling, while Nissan believes this layout gives the impression of "sitting on a floating cloud." The dashboard features light tonal materials with Akagane accents.

The IMk concept adopts electric and autonomous technologies including smartphone-enabled ProPLIOT remote parking, enabling the car to search for its own parking spot after it dropping its owners off, before collecting them again once they're ready. 

Original article from Car