Ever wished Audi has built a coupé version of its RS2 Avant? Well, the folks over at Prior Design in Germany have done just that.

In 1995, the Ingolstadt-based firm revealed its RS2 Avant, which boasted a 2,2-litre straight-five engine sending 232 kW to all four wheel. There was also an S2 Coupé, which used the same engine with a significantly lower power output.

This aftermarket kit from Prior Design brings the two-door fastback up to the standard of the flagship variant some 25 years later. As a means to celebrate Audi Quattro’s 40th anniversary, the aftermarket firm will be limiting this kit to just 40 units.

With this design, the Coupé receives a racecar-inspired look. Up front, a bumper with a splitter and canards on either end has been added, along with a bonnet with Audi UrQuattro-inspired triple air vents. Both the front and rear quarter-panels have been widened to give it a more aggressive stance.

Round back, the model retains its signature spoiler but sports a new bumper with more modern oval tailpipes and a diffuser. Both the head- and taillamps have been updated, too. Although not detailed, the RS2 Coupe furthermore gains a set of alloy wheels and Audi Sport brake callipers and discs. In the cabin, a full rollcage can be seen, too.

Prior Design hasn’t declared exactly what's going on under the bonnet...

Original article from Car