The Rolls-Royce Cullinan has been given an overhaul by Spofec, Novitec’s Rolls-Royce specialty sub-division. The luxury SUV has been fitted with a wide body kit, gained a tweaked suspension and had more oomph extracted from its engine.

A Spofec Overdose wide body kit, made with polyurethane reaction injection moulding, has been fitted. This consists of a new front bumper, rear diffuser, side skirts and extended wheel arches. A gloss black rear spoiler lip rests on the hatch.

Giving the Cullinan a more aggressive stance is a set of 24-inch Spofec SP2 forged alloy wheels developed by Vossen. These are accompanied by a lowering module which drops the SUV’s ride height by 40 mm. Added to these wheels are aluminium spacers that increase the front track by 40 mm and the rear by 50 mm.

The twin-turbo 6,75-litre V12 has been fitted with Spofec’s N-Tronic engine management system, which increases its peak outputs from the standard 420 kW and 850 N.m of torque to 504 kW and 1 010 N.m. This gives the large SUV a claimed 0-100 km/h time of 4,9 seconds.

A stainless-steel exhaust system, which can be fitted with a flap-regulator to control the volume, has been added to lend the V12 engine a more characterful note.

Changes to the interior are bespoke and can be made by customer request.

Original article from Car