The recently revealed Rolls-Royce Ghost has been handed an Extended option for those who want to make the most of their in-cabin experience. While retaining a four-seater layout, the British luxury vehicle adds 170 mm to the length which has been put to use to expand the rear legroom.

With this enhancement, Rolls says the Ghost Extended offers more legroom than any other four-seater sedan currently on the market, excluding the larger Phantom Extended. Catering to the customers’ needs, the Ghost Extended offers no compromise to the car’s pure and minimalist design.

Visually, the added length has been disguised by extending the rear door section to preserve the lines of the silhouette. With the added space in the cabin, owners can now opt for a reclining Serenity Seat which aims to replicate a business jet cabin environment.

In order to execute the added length, beam-melted metal components have been welded to the body-in-white, while parts made by multi-jet fusion and selective laser sintering are individually fitted at the Rolls-Royce production plant.

Additionally, two new wood finishes developed especially for Ghost, have been introduced in the Extended. These include Obsidian Ayous, sporting a palette of colours found in igneous rocks, and Dark Amber which has been lined with fine veins of aluminium particles.

First customer deliveries will be made in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Original article from Car