Rolls-Royce Motors Cars has released a simple teaser sketch of its new Ghost, promising the upcoming version will be “minimalist yet highly complex”.

The British firm confirmed the all-new Ghost would be revealed in the final quarter of 2021, some five years after development started. The teaser sketch features just three lines.

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, the brand’s chief executive officer, said in a letter sent to customers the company was “faced with the coronavirus pandemic” as it entered the “final development stages of this new product”.

The CEO said the firm wanted the new vehicle to “resonate with our Ghost clients for the next ten years”, so it had listened “very carefully to their demands a desires”. Müller-Ötvös revealed many customers were seeking “a slightly smaller, less ostentatious means to own a Rolls-Royce”.

“We found that these clients are showing a marked tendency towards luxury objects that celebrate reduction and restraint – that don’t shout, but rather, whisper.

“They are seeking design purity by rejecting obvious and unnecessary embellishments and overt complication. To complement this minimalism, our Ghost clients require innovative but effortless technology and real engineering substance in their car,” he wrote.

Müller-Ötvös added “there will always be a place in this world, and at Rolls-Royce, for items and products of opulence that express the very best of human endeavour, inspire greatness and present a sense of theatre and magic”.

He said the only components that would be carried over to the new Ghost would be the Spirit of Ecstasy and the umbrellas, promising “everything else is entirely new”.

“The car has been designed, engineered, and crafted from the ground up at our Global Centre of Luxury Manufacturing Excellence in Goodwood, West Sussex, to answer the express wishes and desires of a post-opulent group of clients.

“Ghost is the purest expression of Rolls-Royce yet. It distils the pillars of our brand into a beautiful, minimalist, yet highly complex product that is perfectly in harmony with our Ghost clients’ needs and, I believe, perfectly in tune with the times in which we are all living,” Müller-Ötvös said.

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