Think the BMW X3 M Competition is a little tame? Well, Swiss tuner DÄHLer has just released its package for the hot SUV (which can also be applied to the X4 M), bumping up peak power and making some revisions to the exhaust and chassis.

Using BMW’s S58 twin-turbocharged 3,0-litre straight-six as a base, DÄHLer has increased peak outputs from the standard 353 kW (or 375 kW if you're taking about the Competition model) and 600 N.m to 449 kW and 760 N.m. The top speed limiter has been removed, too, which means the upgraded X3 M can hit 300 km/h.

Interestingly, DÄHLer has confirmed it's already working on a stage two package set to unleash even more power.

The tuner has also made up a stainless steel exhaust (with four tailpipes), saying it will work in conjunction with the standard particulate filter. A sports suspension, lowering the SUV for improved stability, has also been added, while an adjustable version is apparently in development.

In addition, the tuner offers two custom wheel choices; an ultralight 22-inch forged alloy option or a smaller 21-inch version. And DÄHLer says its currently designing a front lip to give the facia a sportier look.

Original article from Car