A company in the United Kingdom has shared details of its conversion for the latest Suzuki Jimny, transforming the little off-roader into a single-cab bakkie.

The aptly named “Suzuki Jimny Pickups”, the division of Shropshire Quads also converts the previous-generation SUV to bakkie form. But now it seems to be focusing its attention on the fourth-gen version.

The firm says it uses a “high-quality factory manufactured kit” for the conversion, which includes a metal rear bulkhead panel with a heated rear screen. The rear tub is fashioned from stainless steel and aluminium, while the removable tailgate features what the family-run company describes as “high quality, strong” latches.

Interestingly, the fuel filler is recessed into the driver’s side of the rear tub and mounted using cast aluminium. Plastic side mouldings are also added to “allow the body to flow into the rear pickup tub”.

Suzuki Jimny Pickups furthermore offers a range of accessories for the converted bakkie, including canopies, rear window protection and a range of wheel/tyre combinations (the pictured model boasts 31/15,5 R15 off-road rubber). There’s even a dual-wheel setup available, featuring four wheels on the rear axle.

Back in late 2019, a Suzuki representative confirmed a bakkie version of the fourth-generation Jimny was “not on the agenda” despite the Japanese firm having revealed a single-cab concept at the start of that year. A five-door variant, however, is reportedly on the cards.

Original article from Car