The Volkswagen Crafter in its standard guise is a proficient commercial vehicle thanks largely to an abundance utility space. Custom bus builder Torsus has taken advantage of this strength, transforming the Crafter into a spacious all-terrain adventure vehicle.

Meet the Terrastorm Coach 4x4. The standard Crafter 4Motion undergoes extensive modifications to morph it into a capable traveller. For the exterior, it gains a protective underbody covering, protective body panels, a heat-insulating windshield and a reinforced front bumper with improved approach angles.

In addition, protective pieces have been fitted to the grille, foglamps and taillamps, while reinforced metal items are mated to the engine, transmission and rear differential. Side steps on the left and right have been attached as well.

The suspension is another area on which Torsus has concentrated, revising the system with heavy duty components. Parts used here include reinforced front and rear shock absorbers with extended axle strokes. The rear axle sports an auxiliary reservoir for extreme operating conditions while the reinforced front axle boasts an improved load capacity of 2 100 kg. The raised suspension takes ground clearance to 290 mm.

Ruggedness is added to the cabin by means of rubber flooring, additional interior soundproofing, fabric-and-eco-leather upholstery for the seats and an extensive storage package. Adding to the functionality of the Crafter is an electric traction drive winch from Ironman with a 5 500 kg limit, along with a set of foglamps with a static cornering light function.

A 2,0-litre twin-turbodiesel four-cylinder engine delivers 130 kW and 410 N.m of torque to the 4x4 system via a six-speed manual gearbox. Optionally, an eight-speed automatic transmission can be fitted.

The Torsus Terrastorm package is a configurable offering, allowing customers to spec it to their specific needs.

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