Remember that uprated Toyota GR Supra from Dähler Design & Technik? Well, German firm Manhart has followed suit, unveiling what it dubs the GR 450.

As standard, the Toyota GR Supra’s BMW-sourced inline-six produces 250 kW and 500 N.m of torque, the latter from a low 1 600 r/min (Toyota South Africa Motors has, however, confirmed the updated GR Supra, which gains more power, is on the cards for South Africa). Dubbed the GR 450 (the 450, of course, indicating horsepower), the Manhart-modified GR Supra’s 3,0-litre turbopetrol six sends a whopping 336 kW and 650 N.m to the rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission.

According to the tuner, this was achieved thanks to tweaks to the engine control unit, the addition of an in-house developed downpipe and the adoption of a stainless-steel rear silencer, replete with valve control.

The Wuppertal-based company has yet to reveal performance figures. Toyota does, however, claim the GR Supra will reach the 100 km/h mark from standstill in 4,3 seconds, before topping out at 250 km/h (watch the Toyota take on the BMW M2 Competition in a drag race here).

In addition, the suspension has been adapted for an “even more dynamic driving characteristic”. Riding lower to the ground, the GR 450 is equipped with a set of double-spoke Manhart Concave One alloys. Measuring 20 inches all-round, the “diamond-polished” wheels are wrapped in 265/30 and 285/30 size rubber fore and aft, respectively.

In true Manhart fashion, the Supra seen here features a vinyl accents, plus red highlights at the front and rear diffuser and side skirts.

Original article from Car