The standard Toyota RAV4 boasts a fairly aggressive design but if you want yours to stand out a little more, then Russian tuner MTR has a potential answer.

Interestingly, this new body kit will be offered through official Toyota dealerships across Russia.

Dubbed the "Tsunami" aerodynamic kit, the package includes a redesigned front bumper with new grille, air ducts and foglamp trim. Round back, there's a revised bumper as well with new protective covers, a new diffuser and different tailpipes. View the SUV in profile, meanwhile, and you'll see the new side-skirt design.

And for those seeking more power? Well, MTR also offers an ECU module that can be fitted to both the 2,0- and 2,5-litre models. The tuning house claims this module increases peak power by 31 percent (while also reducing consumption by 15 percent).

This takes the 2,0-litre engine's output from 127 kW to 166 kW and the 2,5-litre model’s 152 kW figure to 199 kW.

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