In an automotive-themed sea of April Fools’ Day stories (including our very own), Toyota’s really grabbed our attention. Yes, the US arm of the Japanese automaker put out a press release (plus the image you see above) claiming a new Yaris Adventure half-tonne bakkie would be revealed at the 2019 New York International Auto Show.

Humorously billed as the answer to a "question that nobody asked" (although we’re sure plenty of South Africans would disagree), the imagined little bakkie is “part truck, part sedan, but 100 percent awesome”, says the brand.

Toyota’s press release added the two-seater Yaris Adventure (based on the US-spec Yaris saloon) would be powered by a 1,5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, and feature coil-spring double wishbone front suspension and a leaf-spring rear arrangment.

With tongue firmly in cheek, Toyota claimed a warranty woulnd't "be offered for this truck because it would be unthinkable that something goes wrong”.

All jokes aside, we kind of wish it were real, considering the half-tonne segment (if we can still call it that) in South Africa currently features just a single contender in the form of the ageing Nissan NP200...

Original article from Car