German tuner Keyvany has whipped the wraps of the “Keyrus”, a Lamborghini Urus-based super-SUV boasting loads of carbon-fibre and some extra oomph.

Producing 478 kW and 850 N.m, the latter on tap from a low 2 250 r/min, the standard Urus doesn’t want for much in terms of performance. However, it seems that the tuner thought it could do with some more, and tweaked the twin-turbocharged 4,0-litre V8 to produce a whopping 551 kW and 980 Nm. According to Keyvany, that's enough to propel the Keyrus to 100 km/h from standstill in 3,4 seconds, shaving two tenths of a second off the Raging Bull brand’s claimed time.

The carbon-fibre-clad Urus seen here measures 29 mm wider than standard, thanks to the addition of an aero kit, comprising enlarged side sills, replete with integrated intakes to direct cool air to the stoppers, and two rear wings, mounted on the roof and tailgate, respectively. According to Keyvany, the carbon-fibre bonnet sheds 6 kg off the standard car’s weight. 

Other items finished in the lightweight composite include the revised front and rear bumpers, exhaust tips and various interior bits. The rear-view mirror housing, air vents and centre console are all trimmed in carbon-fibre, too.

All this carbon and extra performance does not, however, come cheap. Fully equipped, the tuned Lamborghini costs €479 900, which is around R7 822 200 in local money...

Original article from Car