Fancy your bakkie with six driven wheels? Well, the folks over at So Flo Jeeps have taken the Jeep Gladiator and made some serious alterations.

In order to provide it with a 6x6 setup, the Jeep has been handed a complete gearing and axle reassembly, together with a 127 mm lift kit with Falcon shocks (the latter provides the Gladiator 6x6 with 356 mm of shock travel). The centre axle is fitted with a Detroit True Track Locker boasting a 289 mm differential.

Mated to each axle is a pair of 38-inch Patagonia tyres, driven by a naturally aspirated 6,2-litre LS3 V8. This gives the Gladiator a power output of 224 kW and a claimed braked towing capacity of just under 5 500 kg. Making it more driver-friendly is a Falcon steering stabiliser.

A number of exterior parts have been added to render the 6x6 Gladiator even more intimidating. These include a fibreglass Predator bonnet, a front-end steel “grumper” with a winch, custom fenders, a roll cage and a handmade load bed. The unique coating used on the body is a three-part epoxy scratch-resistant finish mixed with Kevlar fibre. No waxing or buffing is needed, which means only a power washer is required to clean things up after spending some time off road.

Lighting additions include a pair of LED “halo” headlamps, a collection of interior light bars and a set of rock lights attached to the undercarriage. Lastly, to create a truly open feel, all four doors have been removed. Interior upgrades are led by hand-stitched, marine-grade, weather-resistant leather upholstery.

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