The Honda Jazz is a car of many talents thanks largely to its versatile interior. But an owner in the United States thought the compact Japanese hatch could do with some off-roading ability, too.

This unique creation have seen the B-segment car transformed into a rock-crawling, desert-bashing off-roader thanks to some special (largely makeshift) upgrades.

As covered by Super Street Online, the jacked-up Jazz has been given a lift kit which raises the ground clearance to 241 mm at the front and 267 mm on the rear. Interestingly, the hatch retains its standard shocks and springs but both axles have been fitted with a set of 225/75-60 Kenda Klever M/T tyres.

To compensate for the significant amount of mass gained from the suspension upgrades, the Jazz has undergone some weight shedding. A significant amount of material has been lobbed from the front bumper and fenders. The owner also created a robust metal bumper which flows into wheel-arch cladding sourced from a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Rock sliders have also been installed while bedliner paint has been applied to the body modifications to improve durability.

If the work on this modification looks a bit unrefined, that’s because the owner learnt how to do it all by watching YouTube videos. The total cost of this conversion? Some $2 000 (that's about R33 000)...

Original article from Car