A fresh report out of the United Kingdom suggests the next-generation Audi TT will ditch its two-door coupé body style in favour of a four-door configuration.

According to AutoExpress, the four-door TT will hit the market in “less than two years”. The publication claims the four-door model will be “a direct replacement” for the current third-generation two-door version, with the decision apparently prompted by dwindling demand for small coupés.

“If you set falling demand against rising costs, it’s obvious Audi cannot sustain its present course in the medium term. Instead, there has been intensive consideration of the coupé and the convertible in the compact segment,” an unnamed Audi board member told AutoExpress.

Of course, the Ingolstadt-based brand has already flirted with the idea of adding two extra doors to its little coupé, having unveiled the TT Sportback concept back in 2014 at the Paris Motor Show.

The report suggests the production model will run on the Volkswagen Group's MQB platform and be close in size to that show car, which measured 4 470 mm long, 1 890 mm wide and 1 380 mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2 630 mm.

Interestingly, the British publication claims powertrain options for the new model will include mild-hybrid (48V) petrol engines and electrified diesel engines, with a plug-in hybrid and even a fully electric version also on the cards.
Audi TT Sportback concept

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