A fresh report out of the United Kingdom claims the flagship version of the next-generation Jaguar F-Type will feature BMW power.

According to CAR magazine UK, the Coventry-based automaker has started developing the successor to the F-Type, with a view to launching it as early as 2020.

The publication reports the next version of the sportscar will be considerably lighter than the current model … with the range-topper ditching its supercharged 5,0-litre V8 in favour of BMW power. This follows a report from August 2018 claiming the brand had plans to kill off its eight-cylinder engine.

Citing unnamed “moles in the supply chain”, the new report suggests the Munich-based brand will supply Jaguar with a version of its latest 4,4-litre V8 engine, which is also expected to filter down to other Jaguar models as well as certain Range Rover derivatives.

Models lower in the next F-Type range are, however, likely to stick with Jaguar Land Rover’s four-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine. Interestingly, the report makes no mention of six-cylinder power.

In addition, the British publication suggests the new F-Type will remain front-engined – and again be offered in both coupé and roadster form – although it is expected to gain two small rear perches, switching from a strict two-seater layout to 2+2 arrangement.

Original article from Car