In an effort to showcase the versatility of the NV300’s cargo area, Nissan has created a mobile workshop concept that it says would appeal to professionals who work "on the go". Interestingly, the NV300 Concept-van also boasts a small (solar-charged) battery pack to provide a clean power source.

The workshop itself consists of mostly wood trim and includes storage for tools along the rear doors and one wall. It has also been fitted with a work station and special swivel seating on floor rails. Some of the elements can be removed should you wish to work outside of the van.

Nissan has placed plenty of emphasis on the concept's "integrated portable battery solution". Comprising second-life batteries recovered from Leaf electric cars, the battery pack boasts a capacity of 700Wh and a total power output of 1 kW. It can used to power tools and is recharged via a solar panel attached to the roof.

The battery solution is called the Nissan Roam and has already been used in the Navara Dark Sky and EnGuard concepts. A production version of this product is expected to become available to European customers in the second quarter of 2019.

This Nissan NV300 concept will be on display at the Brussels Motor Show.

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