Opel has released a sketch of the next-generation Mokka’s front-end design, confirming the new crossover will debut the brand’s fresh family face.

The German firm says the new “unmistakable front” (which it calls the “Opel Vizor”) is reminiscent of a full-face helmet, integrating the grille, headlamps and brand logo in a single module.

Interestingly, the Rüsselsheim-based company says the initial concept was inspired by the first-generation Manta.

According to the brand, the new face will “become a hallmark of all Opel models in the course of the 2020s”.

“It was very important for us to create a fresh new face for the brand that was true to our future design philosophy of being both bold and pure. Our new Vizor that makes its debut in the next-generation Mokka is very clear and distinctive, while being true to its German roots of form follows function," said Mark Adams, Opel Design vice-president.

“There is no need for a classic grille in electric cars like the Mokka, so the Vizor creates a seamless integration of future lighting and other technologies, all within a high-tech protective surface.”

Opel previously confirmed the new Mokka will drop the “X” from the current model’s name, while also giving us our first look at the crossover’s “fully digital yet detoxed” cabin.

Original article from Car