Peugeot’s head of design has hinted the next-generation 5008 could return to its practical roots, although he promises the flagship model will be “another kind of sexy”.

Although a facelifted version is likely to be revealed soon, an all-new model is expected as early as 2022.

Speaking to Auto Express, Peugeot design boss Gilles Vidal suggested the next version of the 5008 could forgo some of its SUV-like styling in favour of the sort of practicality offered by the previous-generation model.

“The 5008 is bought by young adults who have kids. So the bigger car is bought by the families but often the people with more means, more money, are buying the smaller one [the 3008].

“That may lead us for the next generation of 5008 to go even more square and find a way to make it sexy,” he said.

Still, Vidal hinted the 5008 wouldn’t simply go back to being a traditional, boxy MPV.

“When I say square in relation to the 5008, it shouldn’t be a boring square. There’s a place, for sure, to make it more practical and then generate a design that is still amazing but not through dynamism. It’s another kind of sexy,” he said.

The current 5008 range in South Africa comprises four derivatives (two petrol and two turbodiesel), priced from R569 900.

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