BMW has quietly suggested it plans to update its trademark roundel logo, saying it is “taking the first steps” to launching its new brand identity.

Tucked away in the press material for the new Concept i4, the Munich-based firm mentioned the show car features the firm’s “new look for the first time”.

“Its two-dimensional and transparent design ensures seamless integration and brings the special exterior colour shade Frozen Light Copper [as used on the Concept i4] to even greater prominence,” the company said.

“The concept car not only has the task of looking ahead to the future in terms of aesthetics, technology and innovation, it also explores the design potential within our BMW trademark,” the firm added.

Taking a close look, the font has been updated, while a “flat” design has been adopted (an approach recently taken by Volkswagen, too). And, of course, there are now transparent elements to the logo, allowing the paint colour of the vehicle to shine through.

It’s not yet clear whether BMW plans to roll out the new badge to its production models but The Drive reports the flat design will be applied to the “M” and “i” logos, too.

Original article from Car