A Renault designer has described the Tesla Cybertruck as “perfect”, saying he’d “love to draw a pick-up” himself.

Francois Leboine, the French firm’s concept car director, told CarsGuide he admired the Cybertruck’s simplicity and brutality.

“As a design exercise, it’s perfect. There’s no better way to be recognised as a designer than to design something simple. It’s iconic, there is a brutality to it,” Leboine said.

“Could I do something like this? I don’t know ... but as a design exercise I love it.”

Revealed in November 2019, the Cybertruck employs an exterior shell made for “ultimate durability and passenger protection”, says Tesla. The “nearly impenetrable” exoskeleton is fashioned from "ultra-hard" cold-rolled stainless steel, while the glass has been armoured.

Leboine said he’d “absolutely love to draw a pickup, especially a big one; it’s an old dream of European designers”.

Renault’s global commercial vehicles range currently includes the Alaskan (based on the Nissan Navara) and the Oroch bakkies

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