Renault has released a fresh teaser image of a concept that will preview its upcoming global coupé-style crossover, which the automaker has now revealed will be named "Arkana".

Set to be fully uncovered at the Moscow International Motor Show at the end of August 2018, the newcomer will be produced at the French automaker’s plant in Moscow.

Renault describes the upcoming Arkana production model as a "distinctive C-segment crossover" (so, it should be a little larger than the Captur), explaining that its name is derived from the Latin word Arcanum (meaning “secret”), which has been "used for centuries to mark events and phenomena of special significance”.

An earlier teaser image (see below) depicts the Boulogne-Billancourt-based automaker's latest family face, while the latest image shows that it will boast full-width tail-lamps like the Mégane.

While the concept’s unveiling will take place in Russia on August 29, the production model is due to launch in that country in 2019, before being rolled out to other global markets in the future.
Renault Arkana

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