Renault has confirmed it will hand all facelifted Mégane RS variants the full-fat 220 kW as featured in the flagship Trophy model.

The French firm confirmed the move in its press material on the facelifted Mégane.

In the pre-facelift range, the 1,8-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine used in the Sport and Cup variants of the front-driven hot hatch offered 205 kW and 390 N.m, while the Trophy derivative made 220 kW (and 400 N.m with a manual gearbox or 420 N.m with a dual-clutch transmission).

But now the Boulogne-Billancourt-based company says the refreshed Mégane RS will “adopt a range centred on the Sport chassis and the same single 220 kW” engine as used in the Trophy. That suggests the Cup chassis option will fall away.

In addition, the exhaust system in the updated Mégane RS has been handed a mechanical valve to allow the driver to adjust the soundtrack.

Inside, RS variants benefit from the new features added to the broader range, including the integration of a fresh 9,3-inch screen and multimedia system, as well as a new 10,2-inch TFT digital speedometer.

As before, the Cup chassis employed by the RS Trophy features a mechanical Torsen limited-slip differential as well as uprated shock absorbers and stiffer suspension springs.

Original article from Car