Proving that taste is, indeed, acquired, Rolls-Royce has revealed that the waiting list for its massive Cullinan SUV has reached as long as five months. As a welcome result, the brand's production facility in Goodwood, England, has hired an additional 200 employees in order to meet demand.

Based on information sourced from Rolls-Royce America CEO Martin Fritsches by Automotive News, the Cullinan has to date introduced on a new younger, predominantly female clientele that appreciates the SUV’s proportions. In addition to this, current owners see the SUV as a complementary product to their current collection. He also notes that Canada has shown interest in the Cullinan mainly because of its all terrain capabilities.

"Many customers that already drive a Dawn or a Phantom buy a second Rolls-Royce but this time it's an SUV,” Fritsches confirmed.

It’s worth noting that Rolls-Royce’s production plant for the Cullinan is currently a low-volume facility and that despite this the brand was able to achieve record sales of 4 107 units globally in 2018.


Original article from Car