A report out of Germany claims Audi’s new chairman is considering killing off the TT and R8 as part of the Ingolstadt-based firm’s cost-cutting plan.

A source told Autocar that Audi CEO Markus Duesmann’s plan “aims to provide an even more effective streamlining of operations and greater savings”.

The report furthermore suggests a “number of combustion-engined” models may be under threat as the German company sharpens its focus on electric vehicles.

“Cars like the TT and R8 were reviewed as part of a general cost-cutting process in the past. However, they have now come under increased focus,” the source said, according to Autocar.

In July 2020, an Audi Sport executive told the same publication the firm remained “committed” to the R8 but admitted replacing the flagship performance car was a “complex decision”.

The British publication points out that if the TT and R8 were to survive, they’d each likely be reborn as fully electric vehicles.

Original article from Car