A fresh report suggests BMW is developing a new version of its V8 engine, apparently for use in an upcoming M5 CS variant.

According to BMWBlog, the new V8 will be codenamed “S68” and is likely to make its debut in “two to three” years. That’d be some time after the soon-to-be-facelifted 5 Series range (including the updated M5) hits the road.

The report suggests the new twin-turbo eight-cylinder engine will effectively take the form of a “drastically” upgraded version of the S63 unit already used in the latest-generation M5. However, it seems likely to be more compact (down from the 4,4 litres of the current motor, perhaps?) and may well end up being electrified in some form.

The publication’s sources claim the new powerplant will provide urge to the M5 CS, which is set to slot in above the M5 Competition, boasting a little less weight and some extra power (for the record, the M5 Competition makes 460 kW and 750 N.m).

Original article from Car