Volkswagen has applied to trademark the “e-Beetle” badge in Europe, leading to speculation the Bug has not been (permanently) squashed after all.

Production of the Beetle officially ended in July 2019, with the final example rolling off the line at VW’s Puebla plant in Mexico. In September 2018, VW confirmed the death of the Beetle, saying there were “no immediate plans” to replace the model after production ended.

However, as discovered by an eagle-eyed user over at (and subsequently reported by the folks over at Jalopnik), the Wolfsburg-based firm has filed an application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) to trademark the e-Beetle name.

In addition, VW has applied to register the e-Karmann, e-Kübel and e-Golf Classic badges.

Of course, as we always point out in such cases, a trademark application is by no means a guarantee the nameplate will actually be used...

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