The head of Bugatti says if the French firm creates a second model below the Chiron it would be something “to be used on a daily basis”.

Speaking to Autocar, Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann suggested Bugatti's long-rumoured second model would be far more practical than a Chiron.

“If we speak about a second model as Bugatti, I am convinced we don’t have to do a car which is only for weekends. This is a car to be used on a daily basis. It has to have a different shape [to the Chiron] and have a different mission,” he said.

“If we do something outside of the hyper-sportscar business, there will be a car that is not in the direction of the W16. In my opinion, electrification would be the right approach,” Winkelmann added.

The 55-year-old pointed out the Volkswagen Group had not yet signed off on such plans.

“For Bugatti, it is a good opportunity and could be a winner. But I also see that a big group like VW Group has a lot of priorities. It is in the midst of an electrification revolution and it must decide where to spend its money.

“A second model would mean doubling the size of the company or more. It’s clear we need 100 percent commitment from everybody. It’s not enough that I’m convinced,” he said.

Interestingly, Winkelmann suggested the hypothetical vehicle would not share its platform with other models in the VW Group (effectively ruling out the use of Porsche's Taycan underpinnings), saying such an approach would not work “for a car with the performance of a Bugatti”.

In August 2019, Winkelmann said company had already designed an SUV (despite in January that year stating emphatically “there will be no SUV from Bugatti”), but added there was “no budget and no decision” to build it quite yet.

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