A fresh report out of the United States claims production of the Mini Convertible will end in early 2024, with no direct replacement planned.

According to Automotive News, the two-door drop-top model won’t receive a successor once production of the current-generation Mini comes to an end in February 2024.

Citing supply chain sources, the publication claims demand for the Mini Convertible has continued to fall. And, since this variant requires “dedicated tooling and more complexity to build” than the hatchback models, the BMW Group looks set to pull the plug.

While the “new” Mini debuted as long ago as 2000, the soft-top variant hit the market only in 2004. If the report proves accurate, the Mini Convertible will have enjoyed a 20-year run before being axed.

A separate report from June 2020 claimed Mini plans to add a pair of crossovers to its range, with its largest model yet expected to adopt the “Traveller” badge when it debuts in 2024. An all-electric, X1-sized crossover is seemingly also on the cards.

Original article from Car