Back in March, a report suggested Ford was considering returning to the V8 for its F-150 Raptor. And now a second rumour has emerged, suggesting the Blue Oval brand could use a new 7,3-litre eight-cylinder engine in its high-performance pick-up truck.

Unnamed sources “familiar with Ford product plans” told Ford Authority the F-150 Raptor was being tested with a V8 engine for a new “ultra-high-performance” version of the bakkie.

The current F-150 Raptor, of course, employs the automaker’s turbocharged 3,5-litre V6 petrol engine.

The report says it’s not yet clear which V8 the planned flagship version will employ, but added the two most likely options are the supercharged 5,2-litre V8 “Voodoo” (as used in the Mustang Shelby GT500) and the naturally aspirated 7,3-litre V8 “Godzilla” (set to be offered in the upcoming Super Duty).

Interestingly, the report claims the range-topping V8 version of the F-150 Raptor won’t replace the V6 model, but rather slot in above it.

Original article from Car