The Volkswagen Jetta is no longer offered in South Africa, with the new, seventh-generation version being built exclusively in left-hand drive. But a digital artist has come up with a possible replacement for markets such as ours, rendering the fresh-faced Golf 8 as a sedan.

Yes, Russian artist Nikita Chuyko from has digitally transformed the eighth-generation Golf into a three-box saloon, even neatly tacking the hatchback’s distinctive new taillamps onto the rear.

Of course, the chances of VW actually building something like this are especially slim, thanks largely to falling sedan sales in Europe (even if the Jetta lives on in markets like the United States, where the firm even offers a GTI-like GLI variant).

Besides, it seems the Wolfsburg-based company has other plans for the Jetta nameplate, after announcing in February 2019 that a standalone, entry-level brand wearing the badge would be launched in China…

Original article from Car