A fresh report out of Australia claims Land Rover has scrapped plans to build a double-cab bakkie version of the new Defender.

Speaking to motoring.com.au after the new model’s reveal at the Frankfurt motor show, a “senior source” within the Jaguar Land Rover group said plans for the Defender range to again include a pick-up had been abandoned.

“Why would you buy a dual-cab [bakkie] when you see what you can put in the back of one of these? This is already a [bakkie] with a roof,” the insider told the Australian publication.

Earlier reports had suggested the Defender bakkie would arrive either late in 2020 or early the following year, based on the as-yet-unrevealed long-wheelbase 130 variant.

In August 2019, a Jaguar Land Rover executive told another Australian publication there was “no plan” to include a bakkie body style in the new Defender range, although admitted it was “being considered”.

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