It’s no secret Daimler plans to create a Mercedes-Maybach SUV, using the new Mercedes-Benz GLS as a base. And now a digital artist has released renderings showing what this upcoming ultra-luxury SUV could look like.

Nikita Chuiko over at created a pair of renderings, based on official press images of the latest-generation GLS and adding styling cues from the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept unveiled in 2018 (and, perhaps, from the latest spy images, too).

As will likely be the case in reality, the renderings show the Maybach-badged model borrowing all of its main body panels (as well as its headlamps) from the standard GLS, but gaining a distinct Maybach grille and redesigned front facia.

Round back, Chuiko has added new tailpipes (and a GLS600 badge). Interestingly, he has also slapped on a fairly subtle two-tone exterior colour scheme, mirroring an option Maybach offers on its version of the S-Class sedan in some markets. We'd venture the production model will gain model-specific alloy wheels as well.

The Mercedes-Maybach GLS is expected to be revealed at some point in 2020, before being built at the Stuttgart-based firm’s plant in Alabama. It will, of course, boast an even more luxurious cabin than the model on which it will be based. Expect power to come from the brand’s twin-turbo V8 petrol engine.

Original article from Car