A fresh report out of Spain claims BMW is developing a new M8 CSL flagship that will generate around 515 kW from an electrified straight-six (rather than V8) engine.

According to motor.es, the Munich-based firm plans to affix the CSL badge to the M8 coupé in 2022, complete with a 3,0-litre inline-six engine (with electric assistance) boasting a peak power figure eclipsing that of the M8 Competition. As a reminder, the latter employs a twin-turbo 4,4-litre V8 feeding 460 kW to all four wheels.

The publication’s sources claim the track-ready M8 CSL will furthermore gain various model-specific exterior elements, including a new front bumper featuring larger air intakes and a more prominent front lip. Expect a vented bonnet and vented front wheel arches, too, along with the obligatory towering rear spoiler.

Of course, anything wearing the CSL badge would surely also benefit from myriad weight-saving measures (carbon-fibre, anyone?), perhaps even including the binning of the rear seats and the adoption of a roll cage...

Original article from Car