A digital artist has released a set of renderings showing what the new Ford Maverick baby bakkie could look like. Bantam successor, anyone?

Brazilian designer Kleber Silva created the renders, drawing inspiration from leaked images of the Bronco Sport.

Of course, an earlier report suggested the new unibody bakkie’s styling would mimic that of the Bronco Sport, including its “upright, blocky front end”. The sub-Ranger pickup is furthermore expected to be offered with the same powertrains as the aforementioned Bronco Sport.

Interestingly, though, Silva opted not to depict the bakkie’s tailgate exactly as a recently leaked CAD (computer-aided design) drawing suggests it will look. Still, he has applied the “Maverick” nameplate in bold lettering.

If the new Maverick ends up being built for right-hand-drive markets, it would serve as a welcome (albeit delayed) replacement for the half-tonne Bantam.

As a reminder, the Bantam was launched in South Africa back in 1983 and went out of production at the end of 2011. It was also offered as a Mazda wearing the Rustler badge. With the likes of the Fiat Strada and Chevrolet Utility also having left local shores (and Volkswagen’s Saveiro seemingly not on the horizon), the only player currently offered in South Africa's half-tonne bakkie segment is the Nissan NP200.

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