Though Ford has only just revealed its new Puma small crossover (which is built on the Fiesta's platform), a digital artist from Brazil has already transformed it into a baby double-cab bakkie.

Kleber Silva of Sao Paulo grafted the Puma’s front end onto a bakkie body to create something of a spiritual successor (albeit a virtual one) to the Bantam. Interestingly, though, he opted to give the rendered pick-up two extra doors.

While items like the headlamps, grille and front bumper arrangement have seemingly been carried over unchanged, Silva has added squared-off wheelarches, roof rails, fatter tyres and black plastic cladding along the flanks. Round back, he’s retained the general shape of the taillamps, while the suspension has been hiked, too.

Back in July 2018, of course, a report out of the United States suggested Ford was hard at work developing a new small unibody bakkie, which if eventually offered in South Africa would serve as a long-awaited replacement for the half-tonne Bantam. That model, though, is expected to use the Focus platform (rather than the Fiesta's underpinnings).

For the record, the new Puma crossover is set to hit the market in Europe at the end of 2019. Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa has confirmed it has no plans to introduce the new model in South Africa.

Silva also created an ST-badged version of the Puma, which we’ve embedded below...

Original article from Car