A fresh report out of Australia claims Toyota’s long-awaited GR Hilux could end up being powered by the upcoming Land Cruiser 300’s rumoured turbodiesel V6.

According to CarsGuide (which, we should point out, is seemingly basing its speculation on a separate likewise-unconfirmed rumour about the new Land Cruiser 300), a full-fat GR Hilux with V6 power could be on the cards.

Earlier in March 2020, another Australian publication cited “an insider close to the project” as saying the new Land Cruiser 300 would be offered with a “high-torque” six-cylinder unit, likely in the form of a V6. And it’s this powerplant CarsGuide suggests will find its way into the apex Hilux.

In the Land Cruiser, the new engine is expected to replace the current Land Cruiser 200’s 4,5-litre V8 turbodiesel, with outputs at least matching (or more likely exceeding) that eight-cylinder engine’s 195 kW and 650 N.m. Such peak outputs in Toyota's double-cab bakkie would see the rumoured GR Hilux outpunching the current Volkswagen Amarok V6, which makes 190 kW and 580 N.m in top-spec form.

In January 2020, Toyota applied to trademark the “GR Hilux” nameplate in Australia despite the Japanese firm insisting it had “no plans” to offer a high-performance version of the bakkie just yet.

Interestingly, late in November 2019, Toyota in South America whipped the covers off an updated version of the familiar GR Sport bakkie, ditching the four-cylinder diesel engine for the familiar petrol-powered V6.

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