A fresh report out of Japan suggests the next-generation Lexus RC coupé will run on Mazda’s new rear-wheel-drive platform and be powered by Mazda’s upcoming straight-six engine.

According to Japanese publication Best Car, Toyota and Mazda are set to extend their partnership, with the two-door Lexus RC the first global model likely to be involved.

In May 2019, Mazda confirmed plans to build new inline-six petrol and diesel engines, while also suggesting it would develop a new rear-wheel-drive platform for large vehicles.

And, according to Best Car’s sources, it’s this architecture that will be used first by the successor to Toyota’s Asia-specific Mark X sedan and then by the next-generation Lexus RC coupé (the latter set to arrive in 2022).

In addition, the report claims a future version of the Lexus IS sedan will also employ these underpinnings, as will an as-yet-unnamed coupé set to slot in between the RC and LC models.

Original article from Car