As manufacturers continue to embrace electric mobility for their performance cars, we are seeing a rapid shift towards hybridisation and full EV powertrains. While some brands still offer pure combustion engine options alongside electrified products, Audi Sport has confirmed that future RS models will be exclusively electrified.

Speaking to Autocar, Audi Sport sales and marketing boss Rolf Michl revealed that the brand will follow a one-car-one-engine structure, as the RS line-up always has. Audi Sport has already made steps to implement electrification with the current RS6, which incorporates a 48v mild-hybrid system.

Upcoming electrified products will include a plug-in hybrid RS4 Avant and the E-tron GT, both of which will hit the market in 2023.

“We [Audi Sport] are well-known for precise portfolio planning and we want to keep it easy for the customer. We will have one car with one engine. It doesn’t make sense to have different variants,” said Michl.

“Maybe there will be different variants for different concepts, whether they are electrified, internal combustion-engined or otherwise, but every model will have a single drivetrain.” He adds.

He also clarifies that Audi Sport’s main focus is on performance and everyday usability and states that electrification proposes brilliant aspects for performance cars such as torque vectoring and impressive cornering speeds.

Original article from Car